Ding Ren was born in China, grew up in the United States,
and is currently based in Amsterdam (NL). Her work has
been exhibited in the United States, the Netherlands,
Germany, the Philippines, China, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Poland,
Portugal, South Korea, and the UK.

Ren is currently Adjunct Associate Professor of Photography
for University of Maryland, University College. She is also the
co-founder of google sheep view and as a result is an avid knitter.

Through a cross-cultural, field driven approach, her analogue
photography seeks to draw viewer's attention to the subtle
details of spaces they already inhabit. By highlighting these
delicate urban details, her photography tells an alternate,
often overlooked story and shifts attention away from the
normalized narrative.

ding [at] dingren.net

Prints for sale via Transformer Art Space, Washington, DC

Selected Press:
DongGang International Photo Festival

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Art by Overseas Chinese Female Artists on Display at He Xiangning Art Museum
He Xiangning Art Museum Presents “Double Vision
Artist Teaches Photography to UMUC Students Online, Menachem Wecker
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Louis Jacobson, Washington City Paper
Some Uses of Photography
, Caroline Space, Exposed DC
Very Well Thus!
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The Power of Observation, Michael O’Sullivan, The Washington Post
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Blurring the Line Between Art and Truth, Michael O'Sullivan, The Wasington Post